Computer Services

GTS can install your computer network and provide system maintenance


Technology is constantly changing and evolving. If you do not keep up to date with the current advances you can find your current computer network system obsolete and inefficient. That is not the case with GTS Communications customers! We offer multiple computer services which allow our business and residential customers to remain forerunners in the technology rat race.

Computer and Printer Networking

Many of our clients have multiple computers in their workplaces or homes and may not be aware that they can utilize one printer for multiple computers. GTS can choose a configuration that will allow the client's computers to print to a shared network that will not only be more cost effective than purchasing multiple printers but will allow for greater convenience.

System Maintenance

Dust and debris accumulate on the interior and exterior of your computer systems. Every computer is equipped with a cooling system. It has a cooling fan, power supplies and a filter to prevent overheating. However, if this system is not cleaned your computer will short circuit.

Wired and Wireless Applications

Perhaps your system is beyond repair or you are in the market to upgrade your computer system. GTS Communications can provide you with a variety of wired or wireless systems to fit your business or personal needs. We work with several companies and can provide you with a customized system that will work within any budget.

Software and Hardware Support

All computer systems require updates from the manufacturer. GTS can perform the necessary updates for your system to keep your system current and running properly. What if your system is running slower than normal or experiencing some other issue? A GTS technician can troubleshoot your system and diagnose the underlying issues and perform the necessary repair(s) and return your system so that it is functioning properly.

Cisco, Linksys, and D-Link

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