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Fiber-optic cables are mostly associated with telephone systems, cable television or the internet. They are also used in medical imaging and medical engineering inspections.  However, what is it? Fiber-optic lines are strands of optically pure glass that can carry digital information.  They are the thickness of about a human hair and when arranged in bundles, called optical cables, can transmit light signals over very long distances. 

Quality cabling by GTS Communications at a medical facility here in Cleveland, OhioDifferent types of cable are used for different applications.  The optic fibers are typically individually coated with plastic layers and encased in a protective tube suitable for the environment the cable will be used in.  For example, indoor applications, the fiber is usually enclosed with a flexible fibrous polymer strength members like Kevlar.  The end of the cable may be terminated with a specialized optical fiber connector to allow easy connection and disconnection to equipment that receives and transmits information.  For a more strenuous environment, optic cable that is more robust and that will hold up to the elements is required.   A critical concern for outdoor cabling is to protect the fiber from being contaminated by water.  In this application, copper tube instead of lightweight plastic is used along with a water repellant jelly or water absorbing powder.  In outdoor settings where the optic cables can be exposed to animals or construction work, an armored process can be utilized.

Fiber-optic systems are revolutionizing telecommunications. Compared to conventional metal wire (copper wire), optical fibers are less expensive, thinner, have higher carrying capacity, less signal degradation, light signals, low power usage, digital signals, are non-flammable, lightweight, and are flexible.  The advantages listed have fiber-optic systems revolutionizing many industries, most notably telecommunications and computer networks.

While optical fibers are very strong, they are susceptible to microscopic flaws inherent in the manufacturing process.  The initial strength of optical fiber can be weakened by the stress imposed on the fiber during handling, cabling and the installation process. At GTS Communications, our technicians have been professionally trained in the fiber-optic cable installation process so as to minimize stress.  However, GTS has discovered through 23 years of experience that higher quality fiber-optic products are continually being manufactured.  We are aware of these cutting-edge industry changing developments and pride ourselves on making certain that our customers have the best products installed for their specific application needs.

However, how does fiber-optics work? The simplest explanation…is to compare it to “Morse Code” messages transmitted between ships.  On a ship the sailors have floodlights which are situated behind venetian blind type shutters.  One sailor has decoded the message and uses the floodlight to transmit the message and on the opposite ship another sailor receives the message, and decodes it and provides the message to the Captain!  The fiber-optic relay systems works in much the same way.  It has a transmitter; which produces and encodes the light signals, optical fiber; which conducts the light signals over a distance, an optical regenerator; which boosts the light signal (for long distances), and an optical receiver; that receives and decodes the light signals.

GTS Communications provides structured cabling services in the following areas:

  • Structured cabling: data, voice, video, and fiber
  • Cat5e and Cat6BICSI logo
  • BICSI-certified RCDD
  • Leviton-certified contractor
  • Overhead music and satellite radio systems
  • Cable plant certification
  • Inside plant applicationsLeviton Logo
  • Nationwide rollouts
  • Design and build
  • Consulting and project management
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