TriVium Call Recording & Reporting Software

GTS is pleased to offer our customers call recording and reporting solutions from TriVium Systems, Inc. They've been a leader in designing, building and deploying world-class, award-winning applications since 1996.

TriVium's core products include the SonicViewTM call recording platform, CallAnalystTM call reporting and call accounting, and E9-1-1 Emergency Security NotificationTM (ESNTM).

TriVium Logo - TriVium services brought to you by GTS Communications, serving Northeast OhioSonicView Call Recording

SonicView Call Recording is a very scalable and modular platform that provides enterprise call recording features and capabilities at affordable price points. SonicView uses state-of-the-art technology and provides intuitive user interfaces to organize, listen and share recorded calls.

It also offers applications to evaluate agent interactions and their productivity. The SonicView call recording system can help your business monitor quality, improve customer service, avoid law suits, settle he said-she said scenarios, enhance security and boost overall business productivity.


CallAnalyst is an enterprise-grade call accounting and reporting platform based on SMDR (station message detail recording) from the phone system.

It offers various innovative applications and reports that help GTS customers cut costs, increase productivity, measure marketing spends and improve customer service. CallAnalyst supports multi-site configurations by collecting data from remote sites and reporting from a central site.

E9-1-1 Emergency Security Notification (ESN)

E9-1-1ESN provides real-time alerts and notifications when a 911 call is made. It also has a PS/ALI registry that allows you to communicate the precise location of the caller in these notification modes.

Contact GTS Communications to learn more about how call recording and call reporting can help your business increase productivity and sales.

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