COVID-19 Update From GTS Family & Owner

Hello Everyone,

I wish we were reaching out to you on a different note but be that as it may we want to say we are continually watching out for our customers on how to adapt their tele-presence in the office and at home. As we brace through this pandemic together, we quickly realize what a vital presence our phone and networking equipment holds within our companies. Our companies cannot run smoothly without them. As the situation of the COVID-19 continually heightens, the more calls we are receiving about how to forward your telephone lines or dedicated telephone number to your cell phone. Instructions on that will vary from the different type of phone systems which your business may have and what type of line service your company subscribes to. Below are notes from Scott on how to forward calls but please keep in mind we can also provide instructions to you over the phone should you feel you require additional support.

I would also like to discuss that we can help you remote into your business computer from your network at home  Please keep in mind that additional programs may be required to be downloaded on to your office PC which Scott will be able to accomplish while you are still at your desk. He will not need to come out but can assist you over the phone with the associated service charge.  

Being a family owned business, Jerry, Kelli and I want to thank you for all your continued support over the past 24+ years. GTS will remain open and we are always available by phone call or email to assist you in these up-coming weeks. We are also very concerned for our technician's and their family’s well-being. They have all been instructed to stay at home if they are feeling ill and they have been informed on the CDC's current standard's for hygiene along with the new emphasis placed on social distancing.  Our technicians have also been provided with antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer for use while onsite, so that they are better prepared in keeping in line with these regulations. Currently, GTS will still be accepting service request for all cabling, phone system or computer MAC’s and more. For all phone and PC work, we will evaluate whether GTS can assist you over the phone or by remoting in to minimize the social interaction and as well a travel charge. 


Nortel Phone System Call Forwarding
Press feature 4
Enter 8 or 9 then the number you wish to forward to
Press Ok

Press feature #4 To cancel forwarding
      ^You will need to be sitting at your desk telephone in order to do these function
      ^We recommend that you test this a few times prior to leaving

To Forward Calls using Analog Lines (must be available from your line provider)
Press *72 then the number you want to forward to
Press *73 to un-forward
      ^You will need to be sitting at your desk telephone in order to do these functions
      ^We recommend that you test this a few times prior to leaving

If you have an Avaya IP Office phone system, many of you may already have the call forward feature listed on your phone. If not please call our office and we will instruct you how to do so if you have access to the Avaya software manager. 

Please note that each phone system that we install is unique to the business that it is in. These instructions may not work for everyone, so I encourage you to call and ask for assistance if they do not work. We hope that you are all staying safe and not getting overwhelmed with everything. If there is anything else, please call our office day or night. We look forward to hearing from everyone again once things get back to our typical daily lives!

Victoria Stallard
Owner/Vice President
GTS Communications

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