Careerscape with GTS' Dennis Devereaux

The Plain Dealer

Careerscape/Resolving Customer Issues

by Rudy Dicks


Dennis Devereaux has been a telecommunications technician with GTS Communications, which is moving from North Olmsted to Strongsville, for three years, and he has 20 years experience in the profession.

Q: Why did you choose this field?

A: Many years ago, I worked my full-time job during the day and sometines would ride at night with one of my roommates, who worked for Mountain Bell (in the West). It was interesting. Later, I was offered a job installing and servicing automatic dialers. They trained me and helped me buy my tools. I made more money and only worked five days a week.

Q: Did you ever think of doing something else?

A: Yes. Each time that my position , department or company was eliminated or closed I would consider getting back into the accounting field, which I did so well in back in high school. Through the years, I have been involved in several different areas in the field.

Q: What is your working day like?

A: It varies.  I start with getting my “tickets” at the office. I get any special instructions, directions or materials to complete the tasks. On any given day, I might install voice and data cabling, perform a site survey and work up an estimate, install and program a phone system or just do MACs (Moves, Adds and Changes).

Q: What gives you the greatest satisfaction?

A: When the customer is happy and thanks me for the work I have done. It usually means that I fixed something, resolved an issue, or helped them to better use or understand the equipment they have.

Q: What advice do you have for someone interested in this field?

A: Technology and standards keep changing. Continuing education is required. You can learn “tricks of the trade” from everyone that you work with. Not all employers are the same when it comes to how they treat the staff.

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